When choosing windows for your home it can be difficult to find the right ones. You want something that is substantial and secure to hold up against any weather that may come your way. Windows should be functional bringing in lots of natural light and keeping out the cold air, the wet air, or even the hot air. With vinyl and fiberglass windows you receive some of the best and longest lasting windows for your home. 

While wood windows have served a great purpose for centuries they often shrink and expand with weather leading to replacements every few decades. Vinyl windows and fiberglass windows can last anywhere between twenty to fifty years. We want to tell you the difference between vinyl and fiberglass windows and see which is best for you. 

Fiberglass Windows

Only recently developed in the past 40 years fiberglass windows are considered revolutionary. 

Composed of glass fiber and resin, fiberglass windows are often more expensive than vinyl and wood. These windows are strong and low maintenance, giving you very little to worry about after installation. 

Years ago fiberglass windows only came in specific sizes, colors, and shapes. Today, fiberglass windows can be custom made to your home. With more colors, UV-blocking, and the option to even have a wood interior these windows are reasonably priced and long lasting. Fiberglass windows have many pros to them such as not worrying about water erosion. They are not fazed by moisture preventing mold, rot, or corrosion from happening. Due to the material the windows also don’t shrink or expand like wood windows from the weather. 

Over the year’s fiberglass windows have improved significantly with their coatings, colors, and performance. With tough UV-resistant finishes the windows can last nearly five decades.The colors for fiberglass windows have expanded from just white to many different colors for the interior and exterior of your home completing the look you want. Fiberglass can also be painted rather easily similar to wood. 

Good at keeping out the cold air, the wet air, and the hot air fiberglass windows can help keep your home the temperature you want at all times. By adding another pane you can also improve the windows performance. Similar to vinyl windows these windows are energy efficient with a low carbon footprint. 

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are the most commonly installed windows due to their price. Made from a plastic material (polyvinyl chloride) allows the windows to be well-priced. Durable windows and nearly maintenance free vinyl windows have many pros to them. Depending on the manufacturers compounds the windows can be slightly different in durability, but at Everlasting Window and Door we only work with top notch companies. 

Vinyl windows are installed easier and faster than most windows due to their flexibility. Because of the material and flexibility vinyl windows are not as strong as fiberglass windows but hold up to weather just as well. A top vinyl window can last two to three decades, if not more! With different coating UV-rays allow the color of the vinyl to last allowing the exterior to last longer. 

Compared to fiberglass windows vinyl windows don’t fade in the sunlight, are easier to install, and require no painting. Due to the popularity of vinyl windows they are much more readily available compared to fiberglass windows. With easy care and energy efficiency vinyl windows can be the perfect fit for your home! 

Helping set the tone of your home vinyl windows also help to provide protection and comfort. These windows are energy efficient with a tight seal allowing the heat, cold air, and dampness from outside to stay outside. Depending on the weather of the state you live in these windows can help keep your home at a consistent temperature. After having vinyl windows installed you will need to perform little maintenance. A quick swipe of a damp cloth allows these windows to constantly look new. 


Windows say a lot about someone’s home. They let in light and air creating an environment within the home. From the view you have through the windows to hearing birds chirping in the morning and the crickets during the you want to be sure you have the best windows possible. Both vinyl and fiberglass windows are durable; however, with Everlasting Window and Door we provide top notch vinyl windows from Alside. 

If something is to ever happen we give you a lifetime warranty on all windows and doors purchased with any problems you face. If you are looking for a window or door replacement or installation contact usfor a free in-home estimate! 

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